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Rain Gear We Love - Kids Rain Boots

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Puddles and kids go hand in hand. It seems that kids are naturally drawn to the puddles to splash and play. This is why rain boots are an essential part of kids rain gear. Keeping their feet dry and warm is key to keeping puddle jumping a fun activity.  read more


Rain Gear We Love - The Bubble Umbrella

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The Bubble Umbrella is a classic umbrella. I have heard it described as a retro or vintage umbrella. However you think of it, the one great thing about the bubble umbrella is its great overall protection. The unique dome shape canopy provides wonderful pr...  read more


Raincoats, Not Just to Wear – New use: Car Seat Protector

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Today was the last local kids concert in the park. It had been raining the day before and during the night, so I was contemplating if we were going to go or not. It looked like it could rain again and the grass would be wet from all the rain. Then wait…wh...  read more



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There is such a thing as Umbretiquette (umbrella etiquette). These are tips for not only being courteous to others when using an umbrella, but also helpful in avoiding accidents.  read more


Summer Umbrellas

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At, we are all about the rain. Personally, I look forward to rainy days so I can wear my rain boots. I sometimes even wear them on days that are not rainy. However, after months of rain in the Pacific Northwest, the sun is a welcomed fr...  read more

December, 2013
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