Basic Cooking Tools

Yeah! Sure, just about anyone who wants to have the bragging rights for ownership of a professional grade kitchen can achieve that dream. All that it requires is the desire to be in the know, the right combination of wares, and the perfect occasions to use them. Of course, the number of culinary utensils vary into near infinity when we stop to consider the different types of cuisine to make from across the globe.

However, there are a few basic cooking tools that come in handy every day, which can branch off into more delicate and sophisticated artifacts. A confident understanding and command of a cadre of cooking untensils is in the heart of every good, professional or at-home chef. Certainly, a person does not have to actually own every quality cooking tool on the market to qualify as a chef of any kind. But, arsanal of tools to reach for is a good place to start.

They say success is in the details, so it is only natural to have a quality pepper mill to give meals just the right finishing touch with fine or course grinds. Before a final accent can be applied, most meals require a flip in the pan from a flexible and ideally nonstick spatula. Conversely, some dinners need the stir of a sturdy and strong metal spoon, which can be used for serving as well. When basting calls for practicality or just a bit of an even-handed maneuver, brushes save the day and add layers of flavor delicately.

For a lovely dish full of mountains of spaghetti or cat-fish nuggets, having one slotted spoon made from nylon and another from metal really works well for maintaining untensil conditions. Ladles have come a long way since the production of big dippers with wooden handles, and today’s models offer measuring features along with stay-cool material. From straining hot foods to running cool clean water from industrial ice maker over vegetables for meal preparation and everything in between, a colander with well-designed handles every one of these needs easily. Just like the slotted spoon, pincers (also known as tongs, not to be confused with thongs) are one of the tools that makes a chef’s labor of love just a bit less stressful.

The list of must-have within a kitchen, from resistant chopping boards to stainless steel sheers, can go on and on and really depends on the size of a cooking range. So to handle the complexity of having to shop around for the best stuff it is just easier to remember that some of the top names in kitchen wares such as Cuisinart, Taylor, Oxo, Zyliss, Lamson & Goodnow and Joyce Chen can all be found in one place. This place is the behemoth that is the Amazon website.